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Professional Therapy & Counseling Services.

Our Baton Rouge counselors offer genuine presence, thoughtful interaction, and individualized attention to each person we work with.

At Baton Rouge Counseling, we understand how important it is to be seen quickly and find the right counselor for a good “fit”.  Our office has a warm atmosphere of trust–a safe space to receive professional counseling services.  When you call, you will always reach a live person.  You can choose a male or female counselor.  Our office manager handles scheduling and counseling appointments are available between 8:00AM to 6:00PM.  Pick your counselor and schedule your initial appointment within a few days.

Individual Counseling

We offer individual counseling, one-on-one. You and your counselor work together on specific issues such as: anxiety, depression, relationship problems, anger issues, personality disorders (and those affected by them), and addiction.

Marriage Counseling

We are experienced, highly respected marriage counselors. Sometimes called “couples counseling” – you and your partner or spouse work together with our marriage counselors on specific issues involving your relationship.

Adolescent Counseling

We provide counseling to adolescents age 12 and older. Our counselors are trained and competent to address specialized mental health concerns in adolescents. Issues include anxiety, depression, bullying, acting out, blended families and behavior problems.

Quick Appointments

We can schedule your first appointment within a few days, not weeks! The hours are flexible and we have two therapists. When you need to get into counseling and timing is important, call Baton Rouge Counseling.

Anxiety Counseling

Reduce anxiety through processing feelings and learning coping skills. Obtain relief within a few sessions.

Depression Counseling

Work through depression by resolving inner conflicts, and past issues. Improve mood stability and coping.

Grief Counseling

Counseling for grief helps you process loss, hurt, anger, and sadness. Learn stages of grief and the pathway of healing.

Trauma Therapy

Discuss and resolve deep hurts and past traumas. Let go of fear and avoidance defenses.

Codependency Counseling

Codependency counseling focuses on changing how you do relationships. Set boundaries and find yourself.

Personality Disorders

Treatment for personality disorders involves working on long-term relational patterns.

Our counselors are experienced, insightful professionals.

Baton Rouge Counseling is a private counseling practice established in 2009.  We are masters-level counselors passionate about helping people.  Our individualized approach is the signature of our care.  When you need the very best, call:

Founder and Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Todd Atkins, LCSW

Clinical Mental Health Therapist


Rose M. Ford, Counselor

You deserve a caring, experienced Baton Rouge Counseling professional who’ll help you find the relief and insight you’re looking for.

» Explore issues you’re facing and address your concerns
» Review options, discuss goals and make an individualized plan
» Work through your issues at your pace

Benefits of counseling and therapy include: reduction of negative thoughts and feelings, enhanced awareness and clarity, new perspectives, changing self-destructive behaviors patterns, gaining self-acceptance, and improvement in well being and quality of relationships.

Todd Atkins, LCSW
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Baton Rouge Counseling – Individualized Psychotherapy

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